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Grooming Things Every Man Needs In His Bathroom Cabinet

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A good grooming regime is essential – unless, that is, you want a face like an old griddle pan by your late 30s. Assuming you don’t, the good news is that it’s never been easier or more pleasurable to stay handsome, with a wealth of products to help you on all fronts.

Of course, you don’t want (or need) them all. So how to strip away the superfluous from the essentials? Easy: follow our guide to the grooming products every man should have in his bathroom cabinet. Like a capsule wardrobe of solid basics, it’s your starting pad to the perfect grooming regime. Just leave yourself a proper chunk of time rather than rushing it all in 5 minutes every morning.

1. A Solid Cleanser

Cold water just won’t cut it. Using a decent, nasty chemicals-free cleanser – much like Aesop’s Parsley Seed iteration – should be the first and last thing you do each day. Why? Because it’ll stop all the villains that your face faces each day – especially if you’re a city dweller.

2. An Electric Toothbrush

It’s long been proven that electric toothbrushes clean your teeth better than any amount of manual scrubbing, so why resist? Philips’ hi-tech Sonicare doesn’t cost the earth and boasts three cleaning modes with respective intensities, meaning you’ll get a deeper mouth cleanse without putting your teeth through a boxing match.

3. A (Kind) Mouthwash

There’s a little dental sadist in us all that enjoys the sting of an industrial-grade mouthwash. Ignore him. A proper mouthwash – that kind that cleanses without melting your mouth – is more than adequate.

4. Oil-Free Moisturiser

A sound moisturiser locks in hydration: important if you’re to avoid dry skin and premature ageing. That said, you don’t want to suffer ‘oil slick face’ when taking it to far makes you shine for all the wrong reasons.

The solution is an oil-free option, like this one from Tom Ford. The American designer’s much-lauded moisturiser is lightweight and quick-absorbing, meaning you’ll soak in the goodness without risking a flash flood.

5. A Nail And Brow Kit

Overgrown eyebrows or nails are obviously to be avoided at all costs, so you need a good kit to keep things in control. Pankhurst London’s leather-bound set gives you all the tools you need to make fine on the finer details.

6. A Natural, Eco-Friendly Scrub

Unlike a cleanser or moisturiser, you should only scrub two to three times a week. Any more, and you’ll slough away the healthy skin too.

Microbeads – small plastic balls that are well-versed in destroying the planet – were once the go-to for scrubs. But now, you can save the world (and your face) with Malin + Goetz’ eco-friendly option: an all-natural recipe that boasts biodegradable polylactic beads instead.

7. A Light Daytime Cologne

A fine-smelling man makes for good company. But there’s a line between blessing the nostrils of your deskmate and battering them with the scent of a Neapolitan nightclub circa 1983.

Go fresh for the daytime¬†with a lighter cologne. Jo Malone’s amber and lavender concoction is memorable but subtle solution.

8. A Heavier Scent For The Evening

If light and lofty is the order of your daytime fragrance, it’s heavy and brooding for the evening. That doesn’t mean you go too heavy, though.

Instead, enlist a cologne from a respected label like Acqua di Parma. As experts in brewing standout smells that don’t overpower, the Note Di Colonia line is for that extra special appointment.

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